Benefits of opening a business account with Belgravia Chauffeurs

Jul 27, 2017

Booking a car service is no more hassle. Working in a corporate environment, we are all overwhelmed by thousands of to-do-lists, tasks, plans, meetings, and phone calls. If your job is to book a car service for your member staff, guests, or your boss, you would not want to spend more than 15 minutes of your precious time to make a booking. With multiple bookings per month, you might not memorise all of them without a good reminder.

chauffeur business

At Belgravia Chauffeurs, we understand the frustration and appreciate every minute you spend with us. Therefore, we have designed a flexible working scheme that not only saves your time and cost, but also works best for your business. Here are the reasons why you should open a business account with us:

  1. No single booking needed: You only need to share your travel plan for the week or the month, we will do the rest for you. That means, all booking details, confirmation, driver contact, payment requests will be done and sent to you.
  2. Cost effective solution: We offer better prices for multiple bookings.
  3. Monthly payment: You don’t need to pay for every single travel but once at the end of the month.
  4. Easy to monitor: Booking history will be sent to you monthly.
  5. Well-planned itinerary: by sending us your monthly travel plan, we will make our own research on road, traffic, weather… to make sure your travel will be run smoothly.
  6. Professional management: each client will be taken care of by our dedicated manager who will give you full support for all booking details, payment, travel plans, passenger’s preferences and any special needs.
  7. Corporate image credibility: we aim to to enhance your corporate image by offering a high quality standard service.
  8. Corporate hospitality: your guests are assured to be in good hands.
  9. Flexible pricing structure: our prices are built around your needs.
  10. Personalise service: we understand our client’s preferences and assure to meet every single need.
  11. Co-branding opportunity: we provide support in corporate brand building and other marketing initiatives.

For further details please contact us or register a business account here.


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