How to shine at Royal Ascot

Jun 07, 2018

There’s nothing like a day at the races to make you feel like a true VIP. But if you’ve managed to score tickets to Royal Ascot, it’s important to be prepared. Take note of these tips to ensure that you look right at home in the Royal Enclosure.


How to dress

The dress code at Royal Ascot is taken very seriously indeed: there’s no pleading with the bouncers here! The level of formality varies depending on where you’ll be, but wherever you are, don’t expect to see much in the way of casual clothes on display.

In the prestigious Royal Enclosure, gentlemen must wear full morning dress and ladies are not permitted to be without a hat. Meanwhile, in the Queen Anne Enclosure, ladies can get away with a fascinator and gentlemen must wear a suit and tie. The more relaxed Village Enclosure demands jackets and ties rather than full suits.

It’s worth going all out when it comes to clothing at Royal Ascot: how often do you get the chance to dress up like this? Even if you’re in the Windsor Enclosure, without a formal dress code, you might as well take the chance to throw on your glad rags. Ladies, be sure to bring a pair of flats in your handbag – you’ll be on your feet all day, and you’ll be needing them when it’s time to go home!

How to get there

Lovers of fancy cars will have plenty to celebrate as they arrive at Royal Ascot. Expect to see some of the grandest, most spectacular vehicles in the UK carrying guests to the destination.

But even if you’re not the Queen’s third cousin, that’s no excuse for taking the bus! If you’re getting dolled up, public transport can be a bit of a buzz-kill. To enjoy the full experience, it’s worth splashing out on a Royal Ascot chauffeur to take you there in style. Nothing will get you in the mood faster than arriving at the racecourse in your own private luxury car.

Where to sit

Of course, the most prestigious part of the racecourse is the famous Royal Enclosure. Sadly, not everyone can get in – you’ll need sponsorship from two members who have attended the event for at least four years.

If that’s not on the cards, then you have other options. For a more formal experience, stick with the Queen Anne Enclosure, where you can enjoy a front row seat to watch the Royal Procession. This year, the Queen Anne Enclosure has been remodelled slightly, with the addition of its own private sun deck and live DJ.

The more relaxed Windsor Enclosure offers access to some great bars and food stalls, and you can even order a picnic and enjoy it at one of the picnic tables. Finally, the new Village Enclosure – only opened last year – is sure to be popular with the younger crowd, with its street food options, DJs and live bands.

What to eat and drink


In terms of food, you’ll find plenty of options to suit every taste. The Village Enclosure, in particular, boasts street food from around the world. Be careful, though – a messy burrito could spell disaster for your morning suit!

Expect to find a variety of drinks on offer, too. To keep on-trend, keep it British when it comes to your beverage of choice. Most of the bright young things in the crowd will be indulging in some classic summertime Pimm’s, and of course, you should try Ascot’s very own signature cocktail, the Beefeater gin-based Royal Blush.

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