Plan the best proposal in London with a chauffeur service

Aug 10, 2017

It’s all about location when planning a wedding proposal – so where is the most romantic place to get engaged? Well, it’s quite possibly the capital of the UK. Of course, London is a sprawling metropolitan area made up of numerous boroughs. Therefore, it’s handy to have a few ideas of where is best to get down on one knee. Once you’ve decided on the spot, you can start narrowing down the finer details, for example a chauffeur service for proposal to get you there in style. Before that, let’s first look at the most romantic places to propose in London.

The Shard
chauffeur service for proposal
The Shard became London’s tallest structure when it opened to the public in February 2013. Stretching 309 metres into the sky and offering the most awe-inspiring views of the capital, the building quickly became one of the most sought-after spots to pop the question in London. Clearly there’s something about being 95 floors high that really sets the scene for a romantic engagement and the bright lights of the capital makes the question that much more special.

Buckingham Palace

An audience of two billion people watched the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton in April 2011. However, it wasn’t the couple’s vows at Westminster Abbey that captured the world’s imagination. Instead, it was the charming scenes of the newlyweds sharing a passionate kiss at Buckingham Palace. Since these images were broadcast on television, proposals outside the palace have been especially popular, with the gold-tinted building offering a romantic backdrop when asking the big question. It’s not uncommon for couples to be met with a round of applause after the deed is done – and for most this is the icing on the cake.

Regent’s Park
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Londoners consider Regent’s Park to be one of their best-kept garden that locates in the north-west London. The green space – which measures 166 ha – is home to a few hundred types of roses and a variety of flowers. Despite its central location, it’s often magically quiet and free from tourists or locals. For this reason, it’s a particularly special place for couples to seal the deal by getting engaged.

River Thames
chauffeur service for proposal
The River Thames is one of the first things that people think of when they hear the word London. It’s not just iconic – it’s also extremely romantic! People armed with an engagement ring would be best suited hopping on one of the many river cruises that operate throughout the day and night. Once back on dry land, newly betrothed couples should arrange for a chauffeur wedding car to really make it an occasion that they’ll never forget.

Greenwich Park
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It’s certainly hard to beat the view at Greenwich Park. The leisurely stroll up the hill seemingly builds excitement for those about to pop the question, and the backdrop – which features an incredible view of the sky-scrapers in London – perfectly sets the scene for a proposal.

Get engaged in style
chauffeur service for proposal
Any one of these locations would make a fitting spot to get down on one knee in London. Once you’ve decided which one you’ll be heading to, be sure to use our chauffeur service for proposal to get you there. The night will be simply unforgettable from the moment you’re picked up – and that’s before you even pop the question! There’s also champagne thrown in and a flower bouquet upon request to celebrate the occasion.

For details about how to book a chauffeur service for proposal, please see here.

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