On the Road: Safety Considerations for Both Chauffeurs and Their Passengers

Jul 21, 2017

Safe And Comfortable Ride In A Luxury Car
If you are in London, you may want to hire a chauffeur service to take you to and from the airport, ride around town on a night out, or avoid the need to drive yourself to an unfamiliar place. Belgravia Chauffeurs is the perfect company to hire for all three purposes since their chauffeurs are highly trained, professional and customer-friendly.

Keeping you safe and comfortable is their number one priority. When possible, they account for traffic conditions and avoid heavy traffic to make sure that you always arrive on time. Here are ways that chauffeurs ensure road safety — and how their passengers can, too.

Road Safety Consideration for Chauffeurs

1. Watch the blind spots
Some motorists might not be aware of a vehicle’s “No-Zones” or the areas where crashes are most likely to occur. These include just behind the side mirrors, off the side in front of the driver’s seat, and directly behind the car where it is impossible to see anything. So before changing lanes or turning, be sure to exercise caution. Most importantly, always maintain safe distances.

2. Check the weather
Bad weather is one of the main culprits in speeding-related driving accidents. So reduce speed on wet roads as well as snowy roads as this allows more time for maneuvers. Also, let your blinker run and signal for turns before changing lanes or slowing down.

3. Always check the vehicle before hitting the road
Check the vehicle’s tires, mirrors, horn, and fluid levels before driving. Inspecting the brakes is also crucial, considering how much weight the car is taking. Whenever you spot anything unusual, don’t assume that it is just a minor issue – instead, have it checked by a mechanic before attempting to drive.

4. Reduce speed in work and school zones
Most fatal work-zone and school-zone accidents involve commercial vehicles. As such, always reduce speed whenever you are passing by these zones. After all, it is better to be safe than sorry.

5. Reduce speed on curves
Always follow the speed limit, particularly on entrance/exit ramps. Remember that speed limits are meant more for passenger cars. So whenever you are going through any curve, set the car’s speed far lower than the posted limit. This allows you to make up for the vehicle’s size and anticipate the possibility that the passengers are moving around inside the car, unaware of the curve.

6. Do not overload
Do not allow more passengers to squeeze into the vehicle beyond its capacity. Apart from causing handling problems, overloading can also result in fires when the frame pushes down on the drive shaft, thus creating friction. Moreover, air-ride suspension bags can burst, which can lead to a potential crash.

7. Be healthy
A huge part of road safety has more to do with your physical, mental and emotional health as the driver. Eating correctly, spending quality time a home with family, and getting enough sleep will help you feel more alert and confident when driving.

Taking regular breaks from driving is also a must. If you are feeling sleepy, drink coffee or energy drinks. But remember that caffeine only has short-term effects and must not be a substitute for good quality sleep.

Road Safety Tips For Passengers

1. Do not distract the driver
Distractions within the car can pull the chauffeur’s attention away from driving carefully, so try to keep movements to a minimum and maintain all conversations at a reasonable noise level. Also, if you notice that the driver is trying to concentrate more, keep the music’s volume low (if you are playing music), or stop chatting with your co-passenger for a while.

At night, turn off all interior lights if the car is moving because this can greatly affect the driver’s vision as he drives through dark roads. Most importantly, always wear your seat belt.

2. Be a good co-pilot
Being a passenger does not necessarily mean that you just sit there and let the driver do all the driving. You can be a co-pilot by offering to help navigate and making sure that other passengers are acting responsibly. Moreover, let the driver know of any emerging dangers that you detect, but do not shout or even try to grab the hand brake or steering wheel.

Also, avoid being a back-seat driver. Yes, you can give the driver some helpful information, but you must avoid giving undesirable comments on how they’re driving and refrain from being negative.

3. Be frank
Most passengers may be concerned about the behavior of the driver, but are worried about how they will react to it. Your safety is paramount, and you’re advised to speak out. But if you are worried about being direct in speaking up regarding the issue, there are friendly approaches you can try.

For instance, if you feel that the car is moving too fast, ask the driver to can slow down a bit. You can also say that you aren’t feeling well – surely, he will slow down, most especially if he does not want the car’s interior ruined if you begin feeling sick. But if he still refuses to slow down, it is time for you to be direct. Besides, you may be saving his life aside from your own.

Ensuring road safety is not just the responsibility of the luxury car chauffeur, but of the passenger as well. Belgravia Chauffeurs are there to take you anywhere you want to be, on time and with comfort, safety and professionalism. But as a client, you must also be alert and responsible to make sure that you arrive at your destination safe and sound.

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