Things that people most worry about when booking a chauffeur to Wimbledon

Jul 10, 2017

Customers often have a lot of questions about things that worry them most when booking a chauffeur to Wimbledon.

Heading to Wimbledon is an exciting time, especially if you are planning to use a chauffeur service to arrive in style and convenience. However, as using a chauffeur in London might not be a regular occurrence for many, customers often have lots of questions about what it will involve, the logistics, and any additional information they may need to know.

We surveyed our current customers to find out what five things worry them most when they are planning a Wimbledon chauffeur.

1. Which gate will the chauffeur drop me off at, and is it close to the main entrance?

Rest assured your chauffeur will drop you off at Gate 4, which is close to the main entrance. If you are being collected, you will need to discuss a location with your driver – see question three.

Chauffeur service to Wimbledon

2. What will the traffic be like?

As Wimbledon is located in London and is itself a major event, you should expect traffic to be extremely busy. That’s why we recommend booking a chauffeur in advance. Also, be aware of travelling at peak times and the effect this can have on the time it takes to get to your destination – you may need to factor in a little extra time to allow for any disruption. After all, the last thing you want is to miss that all-important match.

3. How can the driver find me after the event?

Your chauffeur driver will discuss your collection with you and establish a pre-agreed pick-up point. They will then contact you at the time you have requested your collection for via SMS to notify you that they are waiting at the pick-up point. You should head there promptly to be collected and driven to your next destination. If you are unable to find your driver, feel free to give us a call and we’ll help you to locate them easily.

 Wimbledon chauffeur

4. If I don’t want to pay for the waiting time, can I book two single journeys for drop-off at Wimbledon and then pick-up from there?

We always recommend that you book a return journey at the same time as organising your drop-off in order to save you both time and money. It also guarantees we will be able to collect you at the time required, in the event that we are busy and it is peak hours. If you book a return journey, it will mean less hanging around waiting. However, you are more than welcome to book two different journeys to and from Wimbledon.

5. What items are not allowed to be brought to the Ground?

As Wimbledon is a large event, and in light of recent security concerns, security is of paramount importance. You will need to allow plenty of time when entering the grounds for security checks. You can only bring one bag per person – ideally a single compartment bag that is not larger than 40cm x 30cm x 30cm. Wheeled bags are discouraged. Among other items, you can’t bring large flags, rattles or klaxons, camping seats, lenses over 300mm, political slogans or ambush marketing, hard-sided items, selfie-sticks, flasks or sharp objects. There is an extensive list of prohibited items and security restrictions on the Wimbledon website.

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