3 Things that Make a Good VIP Chauffeur Car Hire

Nov 24, 2016

What makes for good chauffeuring services?


If you are looking at VIP chauffeur car hire services in London with a view to hiring them for private or business use, you may place knowledge of the labyrinth of inner city streets as a priority when it comes to the capital. While being able to get you from A to B within the metropolis is certainly an important consideration, there are a number of other characteristics that make a truly exceptional chauffeur, such as the drivers on the hand picked team here at Belgravia Chauffeurs. Here we look at some of them:

1. Well turned out

You know what they say about first impressions? Well it is especially true when it comes to professional chauffeuring services. Whether you have hired one to travel with guests, or alone, your chauffeur should take his appearance very seriously, and be immaculately turned out at all times.

2. Well prepared

Even when operating out of their typical area, a premier chauffeur services in London should prepare for their trip well in advance, and should research the very best routes if they are unfamiliar with a journey, taking into account factors such as traffic, special events and road works.

3. Personable

As with waiting staff in the best restaurants, a good chauffeur should be polite, friendly and warm in nature, offering attentive service levels, but without being ‘too chatty’ to the point of negatively impacting on the enjoyment of your experience. It is not unknown for our chauffeurs to strike up friendships with regular clients, but the delivery of a superb service must always come first.

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