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How to get to Wimbledon this year

One of the best loved events on the social and sporting calendar, the Championships Wimbledon 2017, will shortly come to us again! This year from the 3rd – 16th July, the world’s eyes will be all on the centre court to see the finest tennis players from across the globe come together to battle it out on the famous grass court. However, London traffic is a little pain. Here we will help you plan your journey to avoid getting stuck in London traffic. 


Wimbledon’s biggest matches are always sell-out events, with thousands of spectators also gathering outside to watch the games on large screens. More information about schedules, tickets and players can be found here.

Plan your journey


Transport to Wimbledon can be difficult to secure, especially at peak time. Sport fans are advised to plan their journey well ahead. As stated on the official website, there are a limit number of car parks at the location and they will be opened at different timeframes. You will always have to book online in advance to secure a place for your car. Motorbike is also charged at premium. Public transport is an option for sport lovers, however considering your journey in a peak time to one of the most well-known event venues is not an easy thing.

How we help you to get to your dream game venue


Being a proven experienced and high standard transporter to Wimbledon, Belgravia Chauffeur is your first choice for top quality chauffeur services this summer while helping you to avoid sitting in congested roads and any risk of being late for the all-important fixtures.

We offer a wide range of Mercedes and BMW which assure you of a high-class, private and stress-free experience. Our professional and highly qualified driver will take you to the place at the quickest time and in the most convenient route that is planned ahead. The only thing you need to do is to simply sit back, relax and enjoy the beautiful interior of the car while listening to the music-of-your-choice. If you fancy an extra service, such as a bottle of champagne,  timetable of the games, a magazine, or a goody bag, simply let us know by emailing us, we will get them ready at your pickup. Since we start taking orders for Wimbledon drop-off and pickup, bookings have now loaded on our schedule. Therefore, don’t be too late to plan your journey. Your most wanted car might be fully booked.

Contact us today to arrange your journey to Wimbledon with ease and highly professional service that is built around your needs.

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3 occasions you will need a chauffeur

Hiring a chauffeur has a number of benefits, of which the privacy and high standard are what you need. While hiring a chauffeur is not as expensive as you think, it gives a definite touch to your lifestyle and more than that it makes a good impression to the person you will meet. So when will you need a chauffeur?    

1. For a date
Going on a date with someone? Why not impress your date by picking her in a chauffeur driven car. By relaxing at the back seat, you will have more time to focus on what to do, where to go and what to say to her, rather than rushing in a car with no plan. More than that, it allows you have a few more drinks.

2. Business meetings
Driving around London between meetings is such a nightmare. Not only the traffic could drive you crazy, finding a parking is the last thing you want to do. A chauffeur for this occasion is just what you need. Not only it makes you look professional, it gives you more time on productive work, such as preparing your next pitch, and the best deal in the negotiation!

3. Specials events 
Got tickets for a great gig at Wembley this weekend? or heading out to see a show or a sporting event? London has so much to offer when it comes to best social events. Hiring a chauffeur in London will save you a lot of hassle trying to find a parking space and means you can enjoy yourself without worrying about driving home afterwards. 

Still struggle to plan your journey in London? Give us a shout, we will give you the best options available.

Get in touch today and book yourself a professional, experienced chauffeur and see first hand what a difference it can make.